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Ucall Call Recording

Ucall offers a unique set of features which will allow you to record any call automatically. It is one of the best call recorders in the Play Store. Record any phone call you want and choose which calls you to want to share other people by any social media. Listen to the recording, add notes and share it. Please note that call recording does not work on certain handsets and can result in inferior quality recordings. Recorded calls are stored in the Inbox. The number of saved calls is unlimited only by your device memory. If you decide that a conversation is important, save it and it will be stored in the Saved Calls folder. If not, old recordings will automatically be deleted when new calls fill up the inbox. You can enable a recording call when a call is finished then allow notification. 🔥Features🔥 - There are 5 default settings for automatic recording: - Record everything (default) – This setting records all calls except for contacts pre-selected to be ignored. - Record your calls automatically while calling. - Record incoming calls - Record outgoing calls - Shorting incoming & outgoing calls - All call's shorting by date - Protect your call recording with pin protection. - not miss any call. - Automatic call recorder - Share recorded items - Displaying contact name and photo - Multi select delete - Record unlimited number of calls - Record calls along with phone number, date, time, call history etc.



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