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Atom QR | Barcode scanner

Fast & Smart Multiple options for your QR scan result. Reading, opening, sharing just in your touch. As for the app’s features, there’s a history list that saves all your scanned QR codes and their respective contents. Barcode scanner supports a wide range of barcodes including ISBN , UPC , EAN and QR codes, etc. Atom is a robust scanner that only does it all while occupying a small space of your mobile device’s internal memory. πŸ”₯ All features πŸ”₯ πŸ‘‰ Generate QR Code πŸ‘‰ Auto Focus Camera πŸ‘‰ Generate Barcode πŸ‘‰ Scan QR code πŸ‘‰ Scan Barcode πŸ‘‰ Toggle camera, flash and focus πŸ‘‰ Auto type detection πŸ‘‰ Scan History πŸ‘‰ Delete history πŸ‘‰ Copy result to clipboard πŸ‘‰ Search result in web πŸ‘‰ Smooth performance



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